Water Treatment Technologies

Clean TeQ’s innovative water treatment solutions are built around three core technologies, enabling the delivery of tailored solutions depending on the application.


CIF® Continuous Ionic Filtration

CIF® enables contaminants in water to be effectively removed using a combination of physical and ionic filtration. Benefits are broad and include:

  • Operational in Dirty Feed Waters
  • Operational in Variable Quality Feed Waters
  • No Scaling and Fouling Issues
  • Potential Value in By-Product Recovery
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Fully Automatic

CIF® Continuous Ionic Filtration Plant


NeX™ Natural Evaporation & Crystallisation

High salinity water can be treated by NeX™ to create high purity distilled water and a solid residue by-product.

Highly polluted, high salinity (>5%) waste streams are fed into a low temperature, ambient pressure humidification chamber where water is evaporated by a dry air stream. Subsequently, the evaporated water is recovered, together with the heat energy in a dehumidification chamber. This process results in clean distilled water and semi-dry salts produced at low energy cost.

Benefits include:

  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Applicable to the most highly polluted waste streams
  • Low energy use
  • Rare incidence of scaling problems
Advanced membrane systems

Clean TeQ has expertise in advanced membrane systems for filtration of waters and wastewaters. These circumstances typically include where the water quality is predictable and scaling and fouling potential is managed by pre-treatment.



For more information on our water technology, please visit the Clean TeQ Water website