Photo of Paul De Ponte

Paul De Ponte

General Manager, Operational Readiness

Paul has close to 20 years’ experience in chemical processing and mining.

His initial leadership experience was in oil and gas with Sasol in South Africa as an Engineering Manager with a focus on process control and optimisation of complex chemical processes.

He then joined Honeywell Process Solutions as the Pacific Automation Consulting Manager completing engagements in Australia and South East Asia across Alumina, Gas processing, LNG and Oil refining.

Prior to joining Clean TeQ, Paul spent 10 years with Rio Tinto Iron Ore in Western Australia where his roles spanned business planning and studies, operational readiness and operational management. His key operational leadership roles included the Registered Mine Manager at Brockman 4 and Cape Lambert Maintenance Manager.

Paul holds a BEng in Chemical Engineering, a BEng (Hons) in Control Engineering as well as an MBA, all from the University of Pretoria.