Clean TeQ’s vision is to empower the clean revolution. We will apply our innovative technologies to solve planet Earth’s most pressing environmental problems. Three values underpin everything we do:

Connected – We actively interact to leverage our combined capabilities and create mutually beneficial outcomes.

Prepared to be different – We have the courage to pursue excellence and are prepared to do things differently to add value, while managing the risks in our business.

Invested – We are invested in achieving positive outcomes for all our stakeholders. We are committed to creating and sustaining value from Clean TeQ’s core technologies.

A copy of Clean TeQ’s Sustainability Policy can be found below:

Sustainabilty Policy


We draw on the experiences of our staff, through the bringing together of multidisciplinary teams. Our company philosophy is to allow our employees to use innovation and knowledge to deliver superior performance and value to our clients.



We are committed to developing a productive and empowering culture by working closely with all of our customers and contractors to ensure superior quality, on-going performance, best practice, continuous improvement and positive economic outcomes.